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Overheard at a large packaging customer:

“I thought this G3 stuff was a joke and wouldn’t work. How the heck did you do this?”

“The more and more exposure we have with the Liad units, the better they seem to be. 

They’re more user friendly and seem to be more stable once set up correctly” 

First of all, we can run just about any resin system with the G3 process.

Q: In what way is G3 a game changer?

A: We achieved the 20% or more increased pigment loading levels in polyethylene and polypropylene – and without any penalties in terms of processing rate or pigment dispersion. We have formulations with up to 45% organic pigment for the packaging market. In addition, we can routinely produce formulations with 50% or more pearlescent pigment, nearly doubling the former industry standard of 30%. In the case of styrenics, we are able to achieve 30% increases in dye loadings. In one application, a foamed styrene tray used in supermarkets to display meats, we took the loading from the industry standard 25-30% up to over 40%.

We’ve also run polyesters and nylons. As you may know, we had a parallel development of a new line of color concentrates for PET, our UltraPET product line, based on a polyester carrier. When produced via the G3 process, UltraPET becomes Ultra-UltraPET because of the loadings and dispersion we can achieve. For example, we now have a 70% loaded white pigment concentrate in our polyester carrier.

Best In Class Support From A National Supplier

Carolina Color’s North Carolina and Ohio locations provide customers with full-service production capabilities and complete laboratories for color matching, testing, and analytics.

G2 Product

Carolina Color Corporation—patented G2 line of colorants is an innovative production which pigments and additives are highly loaded, exceptionally well dispersed, and effectively distributed in both large and small parts.

Color for foam food packaging

G3 Product

Carolina Color’s G3 product line will be effective in diverse applications such as Packaging, Housewares, Lawn & Garden and Transportation Convertors will be impressed by this innovative technology, whether performing injection, blow molding or extrusion.

G2 Vs. G3 Technology

Both pellet color technologies launched an entirely new way of producing color and additive concentrates. Carolina Color’s G2 and G3 product lines have proven performance in diverse applications, including outdoor durables, packaging, industrial, non-automotive transportation, and much more. Convertors continue to be amazed by these game-changing technologies.

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-Jeff Smink, President of Carolina Color

“Our G3 line of concentrates allows the plastic processors to immediately realize the cost savings this combination offers.”

LIAD feeders and quality control technologies are helping plastics manufacturers improve their efficiency. Used in factories across the globe, LIAD innovation is key to growth in the plastics industry.