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Carolina Color is perhaps best known for inventing two revolutionary technologies

— patented G2 and patent pending G3. These two products have raised the R&D bar leaving most of their larger competitors scratching their heads and once again proving the old adage that bigger is not always better.

Carolina Color, since its founding in December of 1967, has built a reputation as a high-caliber, customer-focused leader in the color concentrates industry. The company has been successful due to its laser-like focus on specific market segments and by consistently designing highly valued, custom solutions.

“Carolina Color has invested nearly $10,000,000 in plant upgrades and new equipment over the past 8 years,” stated Matt Barr, CEO. “Our product development team has simultaneously done amazing work successfully launching several paradigm shifting technologies. During this time, the company has also adjusted its business processes, streamlined operations and implemented a new ERP system all without losing the high-touch customer service which has been our hallmark for these 50 years.”

The patented G2 technology

introduced in 2008,

High Load

offers customers the highest-loaded combination of pigments and additives in the industry.


Best Performing Colorants
G2 is the undisputed champion in delivering the best performing colorants at the lowest cost-to-color in the outdoor product marketplace.

Until the introduction of G3 in 2015,

the packaging industry had long considered liquid color the lowest-cost colorant technology. G3 has challenged liquid color’s dominant position by offering a solid pellet alternative that is not only less expensive, but much more manufacturing and environmentally friendly.

Matt Barr, CEO of Carolina Color continued: “Today, Carolina Color serves more than 500 customers in six countries. Converters continue to be impressed by our solid track record of developing game-changing technologies. The industry’s widespread adoption of G2 helped to more than double the size of our business over the last decade and the early enthusiasm behind G3 leaves us very bullish concerning our future as we turn the corner towards our next 50 years.”



The employees of Carolina Color Corporation are committed to producing consistent quality colorants for our internal and external customers with continual improvement in processes and services while achieving our cost objectives.  We are dedicated to operating our facilities in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

If you need an SDS on one of our products, please email: SDS@CarolinaColor.com

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